Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) boost your website


Google has launched a new standard for mobile devices, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP.

Mobile is a priority for the search giant and this is a next step to make mobile websites faster.

It’s a thorn in Google’s side that there are so many websites which load very slow, it sometimes takes 5 to even 10 seconds for a page to load on a smartphone or tablet.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, what is it?

AMP ensures that websites load faster on mobile devices.

Research shows that websites can be loaded four times faster and the data even eight times.

Your own website consists of all kinds of codes like iframes, javascripts, photos and videos.

These slow loading elements and codes are stopped by Google and replaced with AP elements. AMP is a simplified display of your website.

WordPress has already responded to this development and has already anchored AMP in her cs. Every website in is supported with AMP.

AMP plugins

There are also plugins in the directory of which make AMP possible for your website.

One of them us the plugin by Auttomatic, owner of WordPress. This plugin ensures that all your posts get the additive /amp/ in the URL.

You yourself can also enter some things into the AMP-version. In the WordPress theme customizer of the cms you can enter the logo that can be seen in AMP, but that’s all. For other things you are at the mercy of Google, who determines the layout.

Those who don’t want this can install a second plugin, called PageFrog, which makes it possible to edit the layout, like another colour for the navigation bar.

To see how fast AMP is you can look at the demo from Google on

To get support, Google has started a collaboration in the AMP project with big publishers, aside from WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest and other big media publishers.


Should we be happy with AMP? Because Google determines what your or my website will look like.

I actually had a problem with this.

But when I thought about it, I became more enthusiastic about AMP.

The internet is polluted with an unbelievable amount of slow websites which really test your patience.

AMP helps to publish faster versions of these superslow websites. And it ensures a more user friendly experience. And that’s what it’s all about ultimately.

In addition, you should know there are new appearances for displaying the internet.

It’s no longer only about pc’s, smartphones and tablets. More devices are created like watch and car screens.

For this, AMP is a great addition.


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