Create whiteboard video in less than 60 minutes


Create a whiteboard video? It allows you to explain in a brief time to your customers what you do or have to offer.

The large benefit is that these explanatory videos are simple and easy and stick in the mind of your visitors.

And can you make these whiteboard videos yourself? Yes, absolutely, and also without any technical knowledge. I will give you tips to create your own whiteboard video. You can also consider to hire a company to do it for you.

1. VideoScribe

VideoScribe, is a tool which is completely dedicated to whiteboard videos with which you yourself can make a professional video within 60 minutes.

Obviously you first need to think about the script (story) of the video. But you can edit it yourself.

A benefit of videoScribe is that you can try out their seven day trial.

2. MakeWebVideo

MakeWebVideo is a second online tool that also offers a free trial. You don’t need any technical knowledge to make a video. These are the steps you need to follow:

* Choose a video you like;

* Add texts, photos, video recordings;

* Choose a background music from MakeWebVideo’s collection;

* Look at the preview to see if you are happy with the video;

* Finish the video and publish on Youtube or another program.

3. Vyond

With VyondGo you can make online videos yourself, but there are also very good options to make a specific whiteboard video.

There is a special whiteboard theme that has hundreds of backgrounds and requisites to draw the video. Of course you can also add written text. So a lt of options.

4. PowToon

Powtoon also has, although limited, options to create a whiteboard video. PowToon is great in creating video animations, but also has a built in whiteboard function. You can read more about PowToon in Create animation videos with Powtoon.

5. Create whiteboard video with Envato

On Graphic River, part of Envato, you can also buy ready made Whiteboard videos. There is a choice from dozens of themes and you can always find something. This is a little harder to do than for example VideoScribe, because you have to for example have the Adobe program After Effects to be able to edit. You also often need to buy the background music.

6. wizScriber

There is also a WordPress Plugin that makes it possible to create whiteboard videos on your website. With the wizScriber you can create a whiteboard video without technical knowledge. A lot of fun. After five seconds you will see a hand appear that is knocking on your screen and writes down the message!

Take a look on : wizScriber.

Aside from Whiteboard videos you can also create regular videos. There is an article on WPjournali


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