How do I place the Facebook page plugin?


The Facebook Page Plugin is the replacement of the Facebook likebox. From the 23rd of June 2015, the old Facebook likebox is no longer working on your page. It will be replaced by another likebox: the Facebook Page Plugin.

The new plugin looks even more modern and really invites to like instantly. But… is a little more difficult to place.

There are a few things you need to know about the Facebook Page Plugin:

You can go to the Facebook Page Plugin page where you can create the likebox. You fill out your Facebook address, you can also set up the width and height yourself. And you can determine if you want to see the articles (show page posts) or if you don’t want a cover (hide cover photo).

PAY ATTENTION: Facebook states that the width starts with 280 pixels and goes to 500 pixels. This isn’t handy if you for example want to place the Facebook Page Plugin in a narrow column. Because then you will only see three quarters of the box.

There is a solution for that: you fill out 100% for width and now the likebox automatically changes to maximum width of the column you place it in. And this way the box doesn’t become to wide in your sidebar or on your mobile.

When you have set up everything, you can press ‘Get code’.


Then two pieces of code will appear. You need them both. The top code needs to be pasted in the ‘Theme settings’ in your cms. There is usually a spot in the basic settings where you can add a piece of code to the header, footer. Paste the code there. If you don’t have this – and now it will become a little more technical – you can paste directly below thetage in the header.php file, like Facebook explains on their page. There are also Javascript plugins to do this for you, so you don’t have to dive into the codes of your cms.

The second code can be placed on the spot where you want to have the Facebook Page Plugin. This can be in your sidebar, at the bottom of your footer or somewhere on the front page.

And then it will look like this:

Oh yes, so I just started with Facebook and it would be great if you like me at the top here by pressing ‘like page’

And then you will instantly read how I will be testing all kinds of strategies to get even more likes.


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