Making a landing page, how to do it?


It finally happened: you wrote an amazing eBook, developed a unique course or launched a new product. But how are you going to sell it?

Landing pages can convince your visitors to buy a specific product or service.

A really great way to increase your sales a lot, with sometimes two to three times more sales. There is a tool with which a landing page can be created easily, fast and cheap: Instapage.

You might have a website, but perhaps it contains ten or a hundred products. The visitor doesn’t know where to look and will quickly leave the website.

It’s much clearer to have a special landing page for that one product or service. And that page should be put together in a way that the visitor is convinced with strong arguments to buy that product or service.

Suitable for every branch

It doesn’t really matter in which business you work. Landing pages are basicaly suitable and effective in every branch.

If you have for example developed a course in losing weight, then you can use a landing page to draw attention to that specific course. You tell what your customers can gain from the course, what the benefits are and how they can purchase the course.

If they don’t want to purchase immediately, then you can ask them if they want to sign up for more information, or sign up for the newsletter. Then you can always approach them at a later time with an offer.

Make a landing page

Until recently it was quite expensive to develop a landing page; you needed to make a landing page by hiring a website builder, arranging hosting and perhaps ask a good content writer to write good content. But now there is a wonderful solution: Instapage.

It takes some figuring out how it works, but within a couple of hours you can create a ready made landing page and let it go live. And you can start selling immediately. You can also connect a newsletter and your social media.

Something really new is A/B testing, you might have heard of this English term. What is it? You can test how different kinds of landing pages score. Does a video work better than just photos? You can see exactly what the conversion of every website is. The website that scores best is the one you can use for your product or service.

On Instapage are dozens of template examples you can use. If you are not happy with those, you can also go to Themeforest for some really nice and professional looking templates. If you want, you can also choose your own domain. Almost anything is possible.

Some valuable tips on how a landing page scores well:

– It needs to be clear right away what the visitors can expect on your landing page. So you need to sketch the problem of your customer right away and then let them know that you have the solution.

Ensure high quality photos. A video is also possible of course and can be even more convincing.

– Don’t distract the readers too much with an extensive menu, too many links to other pages. It’s important that you draw your visitor to that one important button, the call to action button.

– An attractive layout, good written texts, a lot of white space make it easier for the visitor to find their way. Also start with a header that stands out to draw attention. And use the right colours. Research for example shows that Dutch people like to press on an orange button.

– An important part of the landing page is the testimonials. These are short comments from customers that have had good experiences with the product or service you are offering.


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